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Complete Detoxification – Clean the Intestines – Step towards a Healthy Life

When you clean the intestines and the whole organism and when not remain any toxin, even then, you can be sure that diseases will not attack your body. How to achieve this? Victoria Semjonova, professional for natural  treatment  from Russia, offers a recipe for radically clean the intestines. What do you need for a complete detoxification of your body! INGREDIENTS: - ½ kg of carrots, - ½ kg of beetroots, - handful of chopped apricots and raisins -  tablespoon of honey - water PREPARATION: Finely chop the vegetables and place ...
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Tortilla Recipe – Enchiladas Mexicanas

If you love Mexican food, this is a delicious recipe. The Mexican food is unusual and rich in variety of colors and a variety of groceries. For today, we recommend this recipe. It is easy to prepare and it is not expensive. Believe me, your children will be thrilled by your inventiveness. They will ask for more :) The preparation takes 45 minutes! What you need to prepare this specialty? Tortilla recipe - Enchiladas Mexicanas INGREDIENTS 4-5 tortillas: 2 cups (2,5 dl) soft flour; ½ baking powder; 2 ...
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Healthy Smoothie for High Energy – The Daily Meal

For good and above all, a healthy start to the day, prepare your smoothie that will refresh you. This drink will improve your health and increase your energy level. Be positive and full of energy for all day long. What do you need to prepare this healthy smoothie? Healthy Smoothie for High Energy INGREDIENTS: 50 g of almonds 60 ml water 2 tsp ground flax seeds 1 tsp ground sesame 2-3 tsp aronia 5 tsp frozen forest fruits Scoop honey Juice of one grapefruit 3-4 mint leaves PREPARATION:   Dip almonds during the night in ...
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SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST – Cleanliness of the Body for 5 Minutes

SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST - Cleanliness of the body for 5 minutes! Here's a recipe that you can make a nice and delicious shake or smoothie. This drink will help to cleanse your body of bad nutrition. You can do it at the end of the working week to cleanse the accumulated stress in your body caused by the fast and busy life. Cleanliness your body from toxins. Note the ingredients of this recipe. SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST What you need to prepare this drink? POMEGRANATE  Pomegranate is ...
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2 Minutes to Prepare, and You Completely Clean Toxins

Clean toxins! 2 minutes to prepare, and you completely clean your body! You will feel like a baby! This drink will clean completely your body from toxins. It is very easy to prepare. The recipe for a drink that serves to detoxify, which we will discuss today has the ability to clean up and remove all toxins from the body.  This drink effectively accelerates metabolism. It is balancing blood pressure, removal of fat and fight diabetes. Probably, this is perhaps ...
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Magical Diet Drink Melt The Excess Weight Overnight!

Magical Diet Drink melt your calories overnight. It has never been easier and never more efficient! Magical diet drink, that burns over a hundreds calories while you're sitting, sleeping or reading a book. Is it possible? Yes, it is. It is only necessary to test and use the healing properties of honey and cinnamon. Surely you know the healing effects of honey and cinnamon.  Cinnamon is a spice which has been known from the ancient civilizations. It is of a golden-yellow color. ...
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Check Out Ideal Weight With Simple Formula

Check out your ideal weight with one very simple formula! Divide two numbers and find out - Estimate your BMI! In today's world of fast living, achieving the ideal weight is the dream of almost any of us. According to the specialized British magazine The Lancet and data from global research conducted in 188 countries, more than 2.1 billion people worldwide are obese or are close to have overweight. According to this survey, the number of obese and overweight  people show ...
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Unbaked Oreo Cheesecake Recipe – Cake in which all crazy!

Unbaked Oreo Cheesecake Recipe! Creamy, rich texture and tasty - follows a recipe for Oreo unbaked cheesecake. Oreo cookies have adored by everyone in the USA. This is the reason for our proposition. We present for today an interesting recipe for cheesecake. This is a cheesecake, completely different from all the others. The reason lies in its content. This cheesecake has OREO cookies, which are loved by many people, no matter of their age or gender. Kids will be crazy for this ...
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Fast Diet – Flat Stomach For One Day! It Is Possible!

Are you faced sometimes with feeling that you become overweight? Jeans that you wear from time - to time, you can’t easily to clasp up. You are check your weigh, and it is in order, but. You have the same weight, but under your opinion, something happen even do not seem so. You have the sentiment that you are finical and seems that you will explode next minute. Is unpleasant to sit in one place, due to the pressure which ...
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