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Healthy Smoothie for High Energy – The Daily Meal

For good and above all, a healthy start to the day, prepare your smoothie that will refresh you. This drink will improve your health and increase your energy level. Be positive and full of energy for all day long. What do you need to prepare this healthy smoothie? Healthy Smoothie for High Energy INGREDIENTS: 50 g of almonds 60 ml water 2 tsp ground flax seeds 1 tsp ground sesame 2-3 tsp aronia 5 tsp frozen forest fruits Scoop honey Juice of one grapefruit 3-4 mint leaves PREPARATION:   Dip almonds during the night in ...
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SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST – Cleanliness of the Body for 5 Minutes

SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST - Cleanliness of the body for 5 minutes! Here's a recipe that you can make a nice and delicious shake or smoothie. This drink will help to cleanse your body of bad nutrition. You can do it at the end of the working week to cleanse the accumulated stress in your body caused by the fast and busy life. Cleanliness your body from toxins. Note the ingredients of this recipe. SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST What you need to prepare this drink? POMEGRANATE  Pomegranate is ...
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SMOOTHIE BLUEBERRY RECIPE – Vegetable insulin for your refreshment!

Numerous researches have shown that the Blueberry slow down the natural process of aging. They are excellent antioxidants, that stop the earlier or starting phase of cancer. Blueberries have an influence on the improvement of eye diseases and helping to control diabetes. Blueberry grows into the bush. They blow from May to June, and tasty fruits matured from July to September. The fruit is in dark indigo blue, nearly black. Their taste is sour to sweet with sharp flavor. Blueberry is ...
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Smoothie Recipe Raspberry Banana

Summer is the best season in the year. It is a variety of flavors, aromas and fruit nectars. The summer unselfishly offers a whole specter of fruits and vegetable. So grab the moment, taste all the different flavors, feel their juiciness and smell their freshness before their season is done for the year! Summer starts with strawberries. You can use them to make different creams, cakes or smoothies. During the next summer period you have peaches and apricot. Later on raspberries, blackberries ...
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