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Complete Detoxification – Clean the Intestines – Step towards a Healthy Life

When you clean the intestines and the whole organism and when not remain any toxin, even then, you can be sure that diseases will not attack your body. How to achieve this? Victoria Semjonova, professional for natural  treatment  from Russia, offers a recipe for radically clean the intestines. What do you need for a complete detoxification of your body! INGREDIENTS: - ½ kg of carrots, - ½ kg of beetroots, - handful of chopped apricots and raisins -  tablespoon of honey - water PREPARATION: Finely chop the vegetables and place ...
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Your Body Works Well ? Find Out and Check With the Chinese Biological Clock

Have you heard of Chinese biological clock? The Chinese biological clock is an ancient wisdom that shows the intervals in which the energy circulates through our body. The Chinese biological clock shows the intervals of two hours per day and the places of the body where energy is strongest in the period. Thus we can recognize the problems. Your Body Works Well? Find Out and Check With the Chinese Biological Clock! The Chinese biological clock has certain intervals (24 hours divided into intervals ...
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FLAX SEED – What Will Happen to Your Body if You Eat Every Day?

Flax seed is used in various menus. With the right! Do you know what will happen to your body if you eat every day? See how the body responds if a month in your daily diet add flax seed: More than 100 years many nations in their traditional kitchens used flax seed. This seed is rightly called 'super-seed'. You can add many of your favorite dishes, and at the same time you enter a real treasure of medicinal ingredients. AWESOME FLAX-SEED! See how the flax seed ...
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Check Out Ideal Weight With Simple Formula

Check out your ideal weight with one very simple formula! Divide two numbers and find out - Estimate your BMI! In today's world of fast living, achieving the ideal weight is the dream of almost any of us. According to the specialized British magazine The Lancet and data from global research conducted in 188 countries, more than 2.1 billion people worldwide are obese or are close to have overweight. According to this survey, the number of obese and overweight  people show ...
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FULL BODY DETOXIFICATION – How to clear your colon?

Colon has one of the most important roles in the human body. Colon keeps water in the body, regulates immunе system and helps in the digestion process. For healthy body, colon аrе vital. If the colon is in dysfunction or if not working properly, toxins will be discharged from the body within 24 hours. If it does not, then the bowel wall will absorb. It takes 24 hours for food to pass through your body. Food that is low in nutrients, fiber and enzymes slow ...
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SMOOTHIE BLUEBERRY RECIPE – Vegetable insulin for your refreshment!

Numerous researches have shown that the Blueberry slow down the natural process of aging. They are excellent antioxidants, that stop the earlier or starting phase of cancer. Blueberries have an influence on the improvement of eye diseases and helping to control diabetes. Blueberry grows into the bush. They blow from May to June, and tasty fruits matured from July to September. The fruit is in dark indigo blue, nearly black. Their taste is sour to sweet with sharp flavor. Blueberry is ...
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GINGER ROOT RECIPE – The shortest link to ideal body line!

GINGER ROOT RECIPE – The shortest link to ideal body line! Use this simple drink for your refreshment. At the same time this drink will reduce fat on your body. The recommendation for every healthy diet is eight glasses of water per day. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain current weight; water helps all body functions work without major difficulties.  Depending on the need and level of physical activity, the recommended amount may change. Your diet should be balanced with ...
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Spinach Burgers Recipe – Be Like Popeye!

Veggie Box Recipes! Dear all! F&D has a new schedule planned for you! From now on we’re naming the fourth day of the week HEALTHY THURSDAY! One of our worst nightmares, ever since we were little kids, was hearing our mothers and grandmothers say: ‘You have to eat spinach! Spinach is very healthy!’ Or: ‘Eat spinach if you want to have muscles! Eat spinach if you want to be as strong as Popeye! Spinach contains iron, and iron is very crucial for your ...
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Banana with black dots – Here’s what will happen if you eat it!

Banana with black dots - Here's what will happen if you eat it! Do you know that well known banana as a fruit actually is vegetable?  The banana plant is the largest flowering plant around 5 m tall. This fruit grow in hanging clusters, known as “bunch”. Fruits hanging from the top of the plant and they can weigh 30-50 kg. Banana usually refers to the soft, sweet dessert bananas. This fruit is vegetable in size, color and durability. Bananas ...
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