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Quick Doughnuts so Delicious – Today I Make them Twice

For today, I recommend quick doughnuts. The recipe is so simple. They are quick to prepare, and they disappear from the plate immediately. What you will need for this delicacy:   INGREDIENTS: 1.5 dl milk or yogurt 200 g of fresh yeast 75 gr sugar 2 eggs ½ teaspoon salt 75 gr melt butter or margarine 450 g flour Saved 50 gr melt butter or margarine sugar PREPARATION In 1 dl lukewarm water melted fresh yeasts and add one teaspoon sugar and a little ...
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Amazing Apple Cream! Fast, Tasty and Refreshing

Fast, tasty and refreshing. Prepare it for 30 minutes. What you need for this recipe? INGREDIENTS: 1 kg of apples 1 cup yogurt 3-4 cups of honey (add to taste) 50g butter 1 vanilla Amazing Apple cream! PREPARATION: Peel apples and cut them into pieces. Put apple slices in a pot on the fire. Added butter, honey and vanilla. Cover with lid and allow to boil on medium strong fire until softened apples. Once softened leave aside to cool. They are placed in a blender, until to ...
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Amazing Cake Recipe – Frothy, Creamy and Easy to Eat

Holidays are the best days of the year. They are a beautiful opportunity, to gather and see family members, in order to jointly celebrate the holidays. For these occasions, housewives prepare beautiful and delicious food. Every housewife wants her guests to be satisfied with offered food. Her purpose is to satisfy children taste and everybody have to enjoy in the prepared food. Each family lunch very often ends, with dessert. For today we suggest a recipe, which we believe will ...
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Chocolate Tart Recipe – Extraordinary Delicious Dessert

A tart is a dessert pie, recently very popular worldwide. It is very easy to prepare. This dessert is a baked dish consisting of a base  not covered with pastry, with open top.  The filling could be with meat fillings, sweet or fruit based, but sometimes with chocolate. What do you need to prepare this extraordinary chocolate tart, which your kids will adore?   Chocolate tart recipe INGREDIENTS:  For the dough: 135 g butter 70 g sugar 250 g flour 1 egg 2 tablespoons ...
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Christmas Cookies! Holidays Are Coming!

Holidays are coming :) Decorate your Christmas table with these beautiful decorations. Play with your imagination and creation. Be a kid again, this time, together with your children. Rejoice the space you live in. Add a festive decor and fill your everyday life with Christmas magic. Prepare these delicious and beautiful cookies. What do you need? Christmas Cookies! Holidays Are Coming! INGREDIENTS: 500 g flour; 200 g sugar; 250g butter; 2 eggs; 1 baking powder; Zest of 1 lemon or orange. Christmas Cookies! Holidays Are Coming! PREPARATION: Leave butter at room temperature to ...
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Cheesecake on Japanese way – Only 3 Ingredients for Soufflé Cheesecake

The whole world is crazy about this Japanese cheesecake with only 3 ingredients. Do you want to prepare an easy dessert that is so delicious that you will be proud of yourself that you have done? Japanese cheesecake is the right thing for you. You will need just three ingredients for this cake, which is really easy to do. In about an hour you will have prepared this excellent dessert. Just follow the instructions given below:   Cheesecake on Japanese way INGREDIENTS: 3 eggs 120 g ...
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Chocolate Brownie In Mug for 2 Minutes!

Make your own brownie in a cup of coffee for 2 minutes. You want desserts! From time to time you want to find something sweet on the table. You really adore some sweet dessert, nice, tasty and easily prepared, isn’t it? The recipes most of them are prepared generally for six to eight persons or more. It can be a problem. If you are single and if you want to prepare only a one single cookie, what is the formula ...
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Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe! Simply Amazing Taste

For today we offer a very popular cake. Chocolate lava cake recipe is one of the top ten dessert recipes. It is very tasty and easy to prepare cake. You can order it in a restaurant, but even better is to learn how to prepare at home. You can prepare for your loved ones or for your guests that made a call and they would stop by. Believe me, your guests will not refuse them. Rather, the next time, they will ...
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Fruit cake recipe ! Prepare in three steps! Just do it!

All children love sweet and nice dessert after a meal, right? Do your kids like and adore good and sweet desserts? My kids after they wake up, start the morning with a question: 'Mom, do you have something sweet?' After lunch they ask for some dessert. In the evening while they watch television or they are in front of their computers, they adore when I served with desserts. For these reasons, a long time ago, I was looking forward for some ...
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