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Archives for January, 2016


Amazing Apple Cream! Fast, Tasty and Refreshing

Fast, tasty and refreshing. Prepare it for 30 minutes. What you need for this recipe? INGREDIENTS: 1 kg of apples 1 cup yogurt 3-4 cups of honey (add to taste) 50g butter 1 vanilla Amazing Apple cream! PREPARATION: Peel apples and cut them into pieces. Put apple slices in a pot on the fire. Added butter, honey and vanilla. Cover with lid and allow to boil on medium strong fire until softened apples. Once softened leave aside to cool. They are placed in a blender, until to ...
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Your Body Works Well ? Find Out and Check With the Chinese Biological Clock

Have you heard of Chinese biological clock? The Chinese biological clock is an ancient wisdom that shows the intervals in which the energy circulates through our body. The Chinese biological clock shows the intervals of two hours per day and the places of the body where energy is strongest in the period. Thus we can recognize the problems. Your Body Works Well? Find Out and Check With the Chinese Biological Clock! The Chinese biological clock has certain intervals (24 hours divided into intervals ...
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Amazing Cake Recipe – Frothy, Creamy and Easy to Eat

Holidays are the best days of the year. They are a beautiful opportunity, to gather and see family members, in order to jointly celebrate the holidays. For these occasions, housewives prepare beautiful and delicious food. Every housewife wants her guests to be satisfied with offered food. Her purpose is to satisfy children taste and everybody have to enjoy in the prepared food. Each family lunch very often ends, with dessert. For today we suggest a recipe, which we believe will ...
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