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Archives for December, 2015


Tortilla Recipe – Enchiladas Mexicanas

If you love Mexican food, this is a delicious recipe. The Mexican food is unusual and rich in variety of colors and a variety of groceries. For today, we recommend this recipe. It is easy to prepare and it is not expensive. Believe me, your children will be thrilled by your inventiveness. They will ask for more :) The preparation takes 45 minutes! What you need to prepare this specialty? Tortilla recipe - Enchiladas Mexicanas INGREDIENTS 4-5 tortillas: 2 cups (2,5 dl) soft flour; ½ baking powder; 2 ...
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Chocolate Tart Recipe – Extraordinary Delicious Dessert

A tart is a dessert pie, recently very popular worldwide. It is very easy to prepare. This dessert is a baked dish consisting of a base  not covered with pastry, with open top.  The filling could be with meat fillings, sweet or fruit based, but sometimes with chocolate. What do you need to prepare this extraordinary chocolate tart, which your kids will adore?   Chocolate tart recipe INGREDIENTS:  For the dough: 135 g butter 70 g sugar 250 g flour 1 egg 2 tablespoons ...
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Christmas Cookies! Holidays Are Coming!

Holidays are coming :) Decorate your Christmas table with these beautiful decorations. Play with your imagination and creation. Be a kid again, this time, together with your children. Rejoice the space you live in. Add a festive decor and fill your everyday life with Christmas magic. Prepare these delicious and beautiful cookies. What do you need? Christmas Cookies! Holidays Are Coming! INGREDIENTS: 500 g flour; 200 g sugar; 250g butter; 2 eggs; 1 baking powder; Zest of 1 lemon or orange. Christmas Cookies! Holidays Are Coming! PREPARATION: Leave butter at room temperature to ...
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