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Archives for August, 2015


Fast Diet – Flat Stomach For One Day! It Is Possible!

Are you faced sometimes with feeling that you become overweight? Jeans that you wear from time - to time, you can’t easily to clasp up. You are check your weigh, and it is in order, but. You have the same weight, but under your opinion, something happen even do not seem so. You have the sentiment that you are finical and seems that you will explode next minute. Is unpleasant to sit in one place, due to the pressure which ...
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Rolls recipe! How to prepare a real bakery Poppy Crescent Rolls? Yummy!

For birthday celebrations and family meetings, their majesty, “Poppy Crescent Rolls” are real MUST HAVE on your table. In Macedonia we call them “KIFLI”? What is it “KIFLI”? One of the best Macedonian meal is “KIFLI”. It is a product similar with croissant but more like bread. “KIFLI” are rolls made from dough. On the top sprinkled with sesame seeds. You can find “KIFLI” not only in Macedonia, but in all ex Yugoslavian republics. They are always welcomed regardless of the ...
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Tart With Apricots! Such a Wonderful Dessert

When summer came, became much easier to prepare food in the kitchen. Markets and supermarkets abound with fresh vegetables and fruits. Easily accessible, it has in abundance and range. Variety of colors, smells and tastes. You only thing you have to do, is to choose what you would like to prepare and select the recipe. Next is to obtain the required products for the recipe. All others who do not live in this area is not a problem, the fruit ...
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Macedonian Grappa Cocktail – Serve as a Digestive or After-Dinner drink!

On this occasion we want to represent the first official Macedonian Cocktail made from grappa, named after, in this region as “RAKIJA”. We are very proud because finally we have something which will represent our tradition and mentality as well. Grappa or “rakija” is a typical traditional drink in Macedonia. Rakija is a fruit brandy in the Balkans. It is widely  considered as national drink not only in Macedonia, also in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Macedonian Grappa Cocktail Grappa-rakija ...
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Bruschetta With Tomatoes and Basil Petals. Divine Taste!

Here's something for Bruschetta: Bruschetta can be served as a snack. It can be an appetizer. It can be a salad. It may even be a part of the main meal. Bruschetta is an excellent vegetarian meal. Divinely delicious! At the same time, so easy and simple to prepare. Awesome!!!! You can add meat on the surface area of the bruschetta, if you are a supporter of those who say: “Lunch is not a lunch, unless there is no meat”. This time ...
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Bruschetta With Spinach And Cheese. Amazing Taste!

When your guests suddenly log, you have to prepare very quickly for them. It is necessary to prepare an appropriate appetizer on the table in accordance with the drink which you consume that evening. There is no better appetizer and in the same time easier to prepare, than BRUSCHETTA. You can prepare them according to the recipe, or you can combine the available products and come up with your own recipe. To encourage you to get creative in the kitchen, ...
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FULL BODY DETOXIFICATION – How to clear your colon?

Colon has one of the most important roles in the human body. Colon keeps water in the body, regulates immunе system and helps in the digestion process. For healthy body, colon аrе vital. If the colon is in dysfunction or if not working properly, toxins will be discharged from the body within 24 hours. If it does not, then the bowel wall will absorb. It takes 24 hours for food to pass through your body. Food that is low in nutrients, fiber and enzymes slow ...
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No Bake Dessert – Chocolate cornflakes cookies

I believe that from time to time you have a desire to experiment in the kitchen. Are your kids, fans of desserts as well as mine? My children are. They want dessert after every meal during the day. They are those who find pleasure in the desert and want sweet food.  In those delicious cakes from chocolate cornflakes, enjoy all generations.  I am an employed woman, so, I do not have enough time to prepare dessert for my dearest.  I'm not ...
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SMOOTHIE BLUEBERRY RECIPE – Vegetable insulin for your refreshment!

Numerous researches have shown that the Blueberry slow down the natural process of aging. They are excellent antioxidants, that stop the earlier or starting phase of cancer. Blueberries have an influence on the improvement of eye diseases and helping to control diabetes. Blueberry grows into the bush. They blow from May to June, and tasty fruits matured from July to September. The fruit is in dark indigo blue, nearly black. Their taste is sour to sweet with sharp flavor. Blueberry is ...
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